This grade of ink system is solvent based ink suitable for printing on various substrates e.g. Films, paper and foil .A common ink suitable for both surface and reverse printing/lamination application. This is a Toluene &MEK free printing ink system which is specially designed for mono solvent ink system.
Chocolate & Food wrapper, all laminate pouches.
Print Substrate
• Chemically coated polyester
• Treated BOPP
• Pearlised BOPP
• Aluminum Foil
• Treated PP & PE
• Nylon
• Paper
Key Product Feature
• High colour strength
• Superior Bond strength
• Extremely stable and excellent reusability feature resulting in less wastage
• Excellent dot production
• High quality tonal and fine line printing
• Heat resistance (1800C)
• Confirm to international standards and specifications
• Good doctor blade life.
Ink Application Details (Thinner Recommended)
Thinner                                                                                     ̴ ETHYL ACETATE: IPA (80:20)
Retarder                                                                                   ̴ Methoxy Propanol
Recommended print speed (mts/Min)                               ̴ 60-450
Print viscosity (In sec by Ford cup @300c)                        ̴ 16-18
Standard colors with non ARSR & ARSR properties, which can further intermixed to get desired shades at press room level.

Suitable for solvent base/solvent less adhesives lamination

Solvent Retention
Hiprint Alpine is formulated to have low solvent retention confirming to international standards and is suitable for all food grade applications.

For surface printing applications add additive 5% supplied by Cytech Coatings.

Health & Safety
Read the Health & Safety guidelines before using these products .The user is responsible for all local legislation requirement and packaging conditions.

Ink Handling
Please refer to general guidelines for handling inks for flexible packaging.

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